Credit Cards

Interested in applying for a Waumandee State Bank credit card? Contact one of our loan officers to find out about the types of cards we offer and fill out an application. Find contact info for our loan personnel by clicking here. 

Online Access

Existing Online Banking customers who've already established a username and password can easily navigate to their credit card information by logging into online banking as normal. After logging in as normal, click on your individual credit card number shown on the page in bright blue. This will bring you to the credit card portal. Here you can view balances, pay your bill, and manage all things related to your credit card.

Customers who do not have our online banking can use Online Access Plus to manage their existing credit card with Waumandee State Bank. New users can click the "Enroll" button in the middle of the page to enroll in online services for their credit card. This page will allow you to download your credit card statements, pay your bill, and access online customer service at any time.

*Please note: Security questions for credit card access must be at least six characters in length.

If you encounter any issues while registering for online credit card access please contact someone at any of our Waumandee State Bank locations.

Credit Sense - Credit Monitoring

Pair your Waumandee State Bank Credit Card with Credit Sense -- our seamless credit score monitoring tool. This tool is built right in to our online banking, making it accessible 24/7. Simply enroll with one click and you can monitor view your credit score any time without affecting your score. Credit sense also features a host of other helpful things including a credit score simulator, financial checkup tool, credit goal-setting, financial literacy resources, and much more. For complete information, please view our dedicated Credit Sense page.


Credit Card Support:

Customer Assistance Center: 1-855-624-7320 - call this number to change your card's PIN, activate a new card, get account information, or dispute a transaction (Press option #5 specifically for Credit Card Transaction Disputes). You can also call here to resolve password issues for Online Access Plus. This number is the most comprehensive service line for our credit cards.

Card Self Service: 1-800-472-3272 - call this number only to activate a new card or report a lost/stolen credit card. This number is also listed on the back of all of our credit/debit cards.

Fraud Detection Message Center: 1-833-763-2018 - you may receive a call from this number if there is a suspect transaction on your card.

Terms and Conditions

Click below for complete terms and conditions regarding Waumandee State Bank's credit card offerings.

Credit Card Terms & Conditions


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