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Online banking with Waumandee State Bank is simple and intuitive. With Online Banking you have easy access to all your accounts any time. It allows you to view and print your checks, withdrawals, and deposit tickets at your convenience. You can transfer funds between accounts or make payments to your loans at any time.

Please make sure you have the most up-to-date version of one of the internet browsers listed below:

  • Google Chrome (current version)
  • Microsoft Edge (current version)
  • Firefox (current version)
  • Safari, version 7.0+
  • Safari for iOS, version 7+

    Internet Explorer is no longer officially supported by Microsoft. As such, if you are still using Internet Explorer please be aware our website may not display properly. To ensure compatibility and security we recommend using any of the browsers listed above.


Enroll in Online Banking

Credit Card - Online Access

Visit Online Access Plus to manage your existing credit card with Waumandee State Bank. New users can click the "Enroll" button in the middle of the page to enroll in online services for their credit card. Once enrolled, this page will allow you to download your credit card statements, pay your bill, and access online customer service at any time.


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Electronic statements or "e-statements" are the best choice for our customers who want accessibility and options. They are available the first day of your new statement cycle, cannot be physically stolen from your mailbox, are identical to paper statements in appearance, and they can be easily downloaded in PDF format or exported to a spreadsheet. You also have the option to print a hard copy of your statement from home any time.

E-statements are easily viewable right from your online banking.  You'll receive an e-mail notification when your statement(s) are available to view. Stop waiting for the mail and try e-statements today.

If you already use Waumandee State Bank's online banking, follow the instructions here to easily switch your accounts to  electronic statements.


Bill Pay

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With Online Bill Pay you can safely pay virtually anyone, even family and friends. Bill Pay allows you to group payments into categories, set up automatic payments, and receive email reminders. Some recipients are eligible for same day/next day payments*. Bill Pay also provides a searchable history of transactions to help you track your payments.

*Fees may apply.


Mobile Banking

Banking on the go has never been easier with Waumandee State Bank's mobile application. Waumandee State Bank’s downloadable app makes banking on your smartphone convenient and safe. Our mobile app allows you to check your balances, transfer between accounts, deposit checks, turn your debit card on or off, and make payments. Location services are also available to help you find the nearest Waumandee State Bank branch or ATM. Mobile banking is free to Waumandee State Bank customers and is available on iOS or Android devices.*

Apple App Store Google Play Store

*cell phone rates may apply 

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View our Mobile Banking Privacy Policy here.


Mobile Deposit Capture

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Have a check to deposit and can’t make it to the bank? Try out Mobile Deposit Capture in our mobile banking application. Simply enter the amount of the check, choose which account to deposit it into, and take a picture of both sides of the check. 

Finally, ensure the check is endorsed with “For Mobile Deposit at Waumandee State Bank Only” after the signature as shown in the image below. 

 Capture Signature                             


Mobile Capture FAQ

Default Deposit Limits do apply:

Per Check Deposit Limit: $5,000
Daily Deposit Limit: $5,000

Checks deposited by 4:00 pm CST will be processed on the same day. Any deposits received after 4:00 pm Central Standard Time (CST) on a weekday, will be processed on the next business day. Similarly, any deposits received on Saturday, Sunday, or a bank holiday will also be processed on the next business day. Your funds will usually be available no more than two business days after deposit. It is recommended to write on the front of the check mobile deposit and date of deposit and retain for 14 days after deposit has posted.

Alerts for Mobile & Online Banking

Want to monitor your money with Real-time Alerts? Using our alerts you'll know exactly what's happening with your money.  Customize how and when the alerts are sent to any device or system. These alerts can be sent as a text, email, push notification, or come right to your online banking dashboard. Sign up for the kinds of alerts you want through our desktop online banking or mobile application.

*Cell phone rates may apply

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Two Way Text Alerts

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Our fraud monitoring network tracks unusual activity which may include a sudden change in locale (such as when a U.S.-issued card is used unexpectedly overseas), a sudden string of costly purchases, or any pattern associated with new fraud trends around the world.

If you have a SMS text compatible phone number on file and our monitoring system suspects fraud, you will receive an automated text asking if you initiated said transaction, at which point you can reply to confirm or deny it was authorized.

Watch the video at right for more details on how this system works.

You can also view our F.A.Q form on the subject here.

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